Sunday, October 04, 2009


Sorry it took a few days to write this post! It has been a busy bee kind of weekend!

So without further ado... I'd like to congratulate the winner of my Third Blogiversary Giveaway: Claire! I just can't resist the phrase, "Oh, Snap!" since it is one of my most frequently used exclamations (other than the f word, of course. I curse like a sailor, much to most people's chagrin.) A guarantee that some of you will also be receiving little presents in the mail at some point, since almost everyone who entered is actually a friend in real life or on Craftster. Miss M, I'm keeping an eye on you for OWS Round 700 or whatever we are up to now!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and for reading my little blog of random. Just wait until I have time to write about my David's Bridal experience yesterday :) Classic.


:: miss m :: said...

*laughs* Sounds like a plan. I'm an OWS junkie so I tend to sign up for every round. ;)

-missm aka phoenixfiredesigns

jen said...

Tell us about your ex-neighbors (you promised two posts ago!). I'm (and Tim's) dying to know about them....the saga continues.... (Tim and I crack up at your hilarious anecdotes - especially the little boy pulling at his own hair and being "a little asshole." Genius).