Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Rachael Ray,

As a long time supporter and fan and a weekly viewer of your talk show, I must admit to being ashamed and disappointed while watching today's segment on "Body Parts That Age You." For a woman who promotes health and well being, particularly for women and their families, I don't understand how you could feature and promote such ideas on your program. Woman today are already obsessed with weight, overwrought with concerns about their breasts, love handles, and backsides, and now we need to worry about our earlobes (at 1500 dollars a pop, no less!)? Once I heard Dr. Drew Ordon say that he feels bad for women with cankles, I shut the TV off. I had had enough. I just can't bear to listen to comments that perpetuate the idea that women are never beautiful enough, skinny enough, or perfect enough for our society. It's not surprising to hear these words emerge from the mouth of a man who makes his living off of this idea, but it was certainly a surprise to see it on your show. Maybe this segment seemed like a useful one for women concerned with aging, but in reality it was just the same old stereotypes being plastered across the screen in "before and after" photos. I think even the audience knew it, as their applause was scattered and seemed forced. While women everywhere can appreciate fashion tips, makeup ideas, and new haircuts displayed in your fun makeovers, this just goes too far.

While I will certainly continue to think of your website as a good place to find quick recipes, I will no longer be watching your talk show. Your viewers deserve better content than this.


* Note: For a moment there I was tempted to sign this letter with "Love and Best Dishes" but I'm too aggravated to be snarky! We'll see if I get any response to this email!


Michele said...

Did you send this in to her show? I am a big fan of RR but admit that I'm dispappointed this season. I'll still watch but I completely understand how you feel.

Aunt Becky said...

You really should send this in to her show. That's just awful.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Oh geez. It's no wonder I never watch tv. I refuse to buy into that cr**.

Why can't women just be left alone?

Joanna said...

This is the exact email I sent to the show as soon as I shut off the TV! I was actually pretty geared up about it, but doubt I'll get a response.

sheribobbins said...

i hope you DO get a response. that's ridiculous. i always thought she was a positive role model for women. hmmph.

Spryte said...

Wow!! Good for you!! I hope you hear back from them!

CraffingOutLoud said...

I admit that I've never seen RR on TV, but I did think of her as a likable "everywoman." She's not 7 feet tall with blond hair and a 16-inch waistline, so I figured she was cool with herself and therefore helped her fans feel cool with themselves. I'm sorry to hear that this is not the case. Good for you, taking her to task!

Starry said...

I totally understand, and once wrote a letter to a columnist here in Perth who dissed Oprah because her weight yoyos, she basically said the quality of the show yoyos with the weight!
Well done for sending your letter, I am a big believer in sending letters, and just wrote one on my blog Just So You Know... about the nursing staff in the hospital ward my father was in for 7 weeks.....gggrrr venting works wonders!
And a clear letter like yours goes a lot further then one full of abuse and name calling,
so well done!

Cathy said...

Yup--Rachael's been irritating me lately. If you read the rules to one of her contests, it is not open to "serial contesters". Wtf? What does that mean? How many contests do you have to enter before you reach "serial" status? Crazy. And I was a big fan.