Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giveaway time again!

Hey peeps! I get to host another giveaway, this time thanks to the folks at They make high quality  greeting cards, prints, and more. You can check out reviews of their products here if you are so inclined. And since we are friends, I need to tell you that in addition to offering you guys a prize, I get a set of 50 cards myself as a thanks for hosting the giveaway. Double sweet :)

Here are the details:

Prize Offered: (50 ct.) 7 x 5" (folded to 3.5 x 5") Custom Thank You Cards with plain envelopes

Shipping: Free UPS Ground within United States

Eligibility: Limited to US Residents.

How to Enter: Just leave me a comment! Tell me what you'll do with your cards, and don't forget give me your name and email address so that I can contact you if you win.

What to do with your cards: Send thanks to your friends and loved ones, duh! Even if you haven't had a big wedding, a birthday party, or any other bash lately, it's always nice to send thank you cards. Why not send one to your best friend for being so full of awesome? To your mom for being supportive? To your significant other for taking out the trash?

This giveaway ends on November 22nd, so get to commenting! Good luck everyone!


Danielle said...

Hey Joanna - congrats on winning the HBin5 book!!! btw..those are some cute cards. I think sending cards is becoming a lost art...sad to say. I use to love getting little "hello" cards in the mail from my grandmother. nothing quite so special as a handwritten note. Well, if i had the cards, thats what I'd do. use them to send personal "hello's" to my family members that live out of state (which is pretty much all of them LOL)

Diane said...

i'd have one of my photos put on them and use them for little notes/thank you notes to friends.

Barbara said...

I will send the cards to those I love.
By the way, you won on my blog, but you left no email, no contact and you have a short time to contact me or I have to pick another winner.
Barbara Platt

Jessica Gardner said...

I would use them for sending my Holiday cards. Haven't bought mine this year yet.

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I would love to make some TY cards for my home business. Thanks!

Toni D. said...

Hello I would love to replenish my Thank you card stock. I would love to send out some thank you cards to some of my friends who have been so great to me during my stay in San Francisco.
Toni Daley