Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In the midst of our insane move, unpacking boxes in record time, and getting our holiday on, I turned thirty. While many people facing this milestone get teary and hysterical, make major purchases, and consume massive quantities of hard alcohol, I was pretty much unphased. E and I were at the house in RI, hanging with D and making cookies, playing Wii, and reading in our PJ's until at least 3:00. Then we visited my aunt's house, had a drink and some food, and drove to Connecticut to play Santa with my sister. We set out carrots and cookies with Nic, ate more food, drank a glass of wine, and then I went to bed. Huzzah! It was nice and calm, uneventful, and there were no tears, hysterics, or feelings of woe. I don't feel the need to go buy myself a right hand ring, or wail my sorrows over lost youth into a bottle of Jack. The most dramatic thing I did was chop off six inches of my hair (after realizing I have had the same hairstyle for ten years!). I'm actually pretty glad my twenties are over. While many of the last ten years have full of awesome, there have also been some of the most difficult, challenging, and all out shitty times, too. I'm glad to have survived them, knowing of course, that we all learn from our mistakes, but in no way feeling sad that my drunken-booty-shaking, late-night-clubbing days of yore are now behind me. Aww, who am I kidding? I still like drunken booty shaking. And belated birthday parties. Even if I do have to plan them myself :)

God, I sound like such a brat! Love you guys!

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Jessica Gardner said...

Aw! You guys did end up having something that night...I was so confused. Oh well, I got to see you at midnight on your actual birthday, and of course dress shopping, and that was great.
I hope you are still having fun in RI - I needed another week to actually be able to ENJOY everything (since I ran around like a maniac) but it was still good.
Happy 30th, girly girl. You get more fabulous every year. Love you and am so happy you're on the east coast!