Meal Planning and Parties 

From freezer stock ups and kitchen clean outs to kid's cooking or baking birthday parties, I've got you covered. Email me to book an in home freezer stock up party for you and three friends, or to schedule a private kitchen clean up or meal planning and prepping session! One on one nutritional coaching available also!

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Fitness Programs

A crucial part of my daily routine is fitness, and I have found that at-home, 30-minutes-or-less workouts have been essential for this crazy, busy mom life! I'm faster, stronger, and happier than ever, and my confidence and energy levels are through the roof. There's a program for everyone, and I'm here to help! My challenge groups are full of incredible, supportive folks on their own wellness journeys, so what's stopping you?

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Shakeology changed the game when our second baby came into our lives! I was not a smoothie drinker (too many memories of my sister's 1990's Slimfast phase), but the hustle of early mornings became the start of terrible choices as I found myself too often at the drive through window. This superfoods packed, nutrient dense shake is the way I start each day, and it's a treat that keeps me on track and happy all day long! Contact me for samples or click below!
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Gourmet Goods 

I've been a baker all of my life, but a healthier lifestyle led me to rethink one of my passions! I still love a good cookie, so I have created recipes that contribute to health while still satisfying your sweet tooth! Made with organic ingredients and whole foods, they are sure to please!

For atheletes, runners, or fitness junkies, my Recovery Cookies replenish your body with branch chain amino acids and protein to help fight muscle soreness and fatigue.

For mamas, my Lactation Cookies fill in the caloric boost you need for sustained milk production, with the added support of galactogogues like flax, oat, and Brewer's Yeast! 
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